Office of the Registrar

The Registrar plays a unique role in the University’s Administrative/Management hierarchy. The position constitutes the hub around which the Management of the University revolves. One of the numerous functions of the Registrar is that he acts as the Chief Administrative Officer of the University, and the custodian of the University's seal and is also responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the general administration of the University. The Registrar provides guidance for the framework within which policies are made. The Registrar’s Office does not make rules and regulations, but once these have been made by the appropriate University Board or Committee, it ensures their enforcement/implementation.
The current Registrar is Mr. J. K. Nyan.


The Registrar's duties may be categorised as follows: The first category is Secretarial. In this group, the Registrar's duties include:

* Stewardship of the constitutional and business rules and procedures.

* Co-ordination of the flow of business in terms of both timing and contents.

* Transmission of discussions and decisions of Board/Committees.

* Provision of information and documents to facilitate decisions.

In the second category of duties, the Registrar is responsible for:

* The recruitment and training duties and career development of Professional and Senior Administrative Staff of the University.

* Getting administrative assistance to the point and priority of need in the University, for example, through structural change in the administration.

* Directing management and administrative function, e.g. records, establishment, appointments, accounts, admissions, etc.

In the third category, the Registrar acts as an advisor to senior management both as a member of the University's Senior Team of Officers and as a confidential advisor to the Vice-Chancellor and University Boards and Committees, chiefs among which is the University Council.

In all these duties, the Registrar has an obligation to contribute ideas and policies as well as to follow legitimate instructions.


In all the three categories, the Registrar delegates much of his duties to his deputies who head the four main divisions of his Office, namely, Academic, Human Resource, Legal, Consular and General Service and Public Affairs.

The Office of the Registrar has been restructured to make the sectors within the office more effective, efficient and well focused in helping to accelerate the development of the University.

The entities are:

* Division of Academic Affairs (DAA)

* Division of Human Resource (DHR)

* Division of Legal, Consular and General Service (DLCGS)

* Division of Public Affairs (DPA)


"Monday Durbars" of the Registrar's outfit have become a very popular gathering of administrative professionals. At these durbars, matters of importance and concern to administrative professionals' duties are discussed and plans put forward for the week ahead. Much of the durbars are also devoted to presentation of papers by officers. The presentations are critiqued by colleagues in a peer review manner and they act as a very important source of enlightenment to, especially new entrants to the profession.

The following are the senior administrative staff under the office of the registrar.

Name Qualifications Designation/Office   
Mr. J.K. Nyan B.A. (Sec.) (Hons), Dip.Ed., Cape Coast,
MPA Admin. Ghana
Mr. J.C. Sefenu B.A. (Sec.) (Hons),Dip.Ed., M.Phil. Cape Coast Deputy Registrar
(School of Graduate Studies& Research)
Mr. Jeff T. Onyame B.A. (Sec.) (Hons)Dip. Ed., M.Phil.
Cape Coast
Deputy Registrar
(Division of Academic Affairs)
Dr. K. Gyasi-Badu Dip.,B.Ed., M.Ed,Cape Coast Deputy Registrar
(Division of Human Resource) 
Dr. A.V. Akanson B.A. (Hons) Ghana,
M.Ed. Stirling,Ph.D. FAMU
Deputy Registrar
(College of Distance Education)
Mrs. Mildred Asmah B.Ed., Dip. (Econs) M.Ed. Cape Coast, Swansea, Postgrad. Dip. Aberdeen Deputy Registrar
(Institute of Education)
Mr. Moses M. Abnory B.A. (Hons) Dip. Ed. Cape Coast,
MBA Ghana
Deputy Registrar
(Division of Legal, Consular & General Services)
Dr. Cynthia S. Kpeglo B.A. (Arts) Dip.Ed. M.Phil., Cape Coast,
Ph.D. Tallahassee
Senior  Registrar
(Division of Academic Affairs)

Dr. Emmanuel O.
(Sabbatical Leave)

B.A. (Hons), Dip. Ed., M.Phil.Cape Coast,
Ph.D. U.K.
Deputy Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Rev. Canon Robert 
B.Ed. Zaria, M.Ed. Postgrad. Cert. Geneva, Postgrad.Cert. Manchester Senior Assistant Registrar
(Alumni Section)
Mr. Alex Asante B.Sc. (Hons)  Kumasi, M.Sc.
Shanghai, PGDE, M.Ed. Cape Coast
Senior Systems Analyst
(Division of Academic Affairs)
Mr. I. Baafi Sarbeng B.A. (Arts) Ghana, PGDE Cape Coast, 
M.Sc. Kumasi 
Senior Assistant Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Mr. Kwabena Owusu B.A. (Hons) LLB Ghana,Barrister at-Law Senior Assistant Registrar
(Division of Legal, Consular & General Services)
Mrs. Florence Opare B.Ed. (Hons) Dip.  Rel. Stud.,
M.Phil. Cape Coast
Senior Assistant Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Mr. J. Gordon Mensah B.Ed. (Hons) Dip. Soc. Cape Coast,
MPA Ghana
Senior Assistant Registrar
(College Registrar, CHAS)
Mrs. Joyce E.
MBA (Human Resource Management) Ghana,
B.Ed. (Home Econs) Dip.Science (Food Microbiology), Cape Coast,
Dip. (Home Econs), Winneba
Senior Assistant Registrar
(College Registrar, CANS)
Mr. P.K. Mensah B.A. (Hons) M.Sc. DEPP Ghana Senior Assistant Registrar
(College Registrar, CHLS)
Mr. Gideon Enoch Abbeyquaye B.A. (Hons), Dip.Ed. Cape Coast,
MBA Ghana
Senior Systems Analyst
(Division of Academic Affairs)
Mr. Emmanuel Gyamfi B.Sc.(Land Eco.), Kumasi, Gh. I. S.,
PGD Rotterdam
Estate Officer
Mr. K. David Dzontoh
(Sabbatical Leave)
B.A. (Hons.), Dip. Ed. Cape Coast, Dip.(Eng.) ATTC, MPA Ghana Senior Assistant Registrar
(Division of Public Affairs)
Mrs. Alberta Yaa Graham B.A. (Hons), Dip. Ed.Cape Coast, MPA Ghana Senior Assistant Registrar
(Institute of Education)
Mr. Yaw Mensah Anhwere M. Ed., B. Ed. (Hons) Cape Coast,
Dip. (Maths.)Winneba
Senior Assistant Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Mr. Daniel Turkson Dip. (Journalism), Graduate Dip.(Comm. Studies)
MPA Ghana, Cert. (Human Relations
& Comm.), Cert. (Office Mgt. Admin.) MDPI, APR
Assistant Registrar
(Division of Public Affairs)
Mr. P.K. Nyatuame Dip. (Eng) (ATTC), B.A. (Hons) Dip. Ed.
Cape Coast, PMA Ghana

Assistant Registrar                   (Faculty of Education)

Mr. Oku-Afari Opoku B.A. (Hons), MBA Ghana Assistant Registrar
(Office of the Vice-Chancellor)
Dr. Janetta Sika  Akoto Ph. D.,Bristol,
M.A., B.A. (Arts),Ghana,
Assistant Registrar
(Office of the Registrar)
Mrs. Mary Obimpeh B.Ed., Dip. (Eng.) Cape Coast,
MPA Ghana
Assistant Registrar
Mr. B.K. Boro Dip. (Sp.Ed.)Winneba, B.Ed.,
M.Phil. Cape Coast, M.A. Ghana
Assistant Registrar
(Students Affairs)
Mr. Eugene Hesse B.A. (Hons), M.Phil.Cape Coast Assistant Registrar
(Faculty of Arts)
Mrs. E. Amenumey B.A. (Sec.) Cape Coast, MBA Ghana Assistant Registrar
Mrs. Betty Kardze
B.Ed., Ilorin, MPA Ghana Assistant Registrar     
(Institutes for Development Studies)
Mr. David Larbi B. Ed. (Hon.), M. Phil,Cape Coast Assistant Registrar
(School Medical Sciences)
Mr. Atta
Yeboah- Sarpong
Dip. Ed., B.A. (Hons) Cape Coast,
Dip. (Project Mgt,) UK, M.Sc. Kumasi
Assistant Registrar
(Directorate of University Health Services)
Mr. Ebenezer Aggrey

PG. Dip.Oslo,
Exec. Dip. (Mediation and Arbitration) Accra,
B.A.(Hons),M.Phil.(Human Right)Winneba

Assistant Registrar
Mr. Isaac Eliot Nyieku B.Ed.(Hons), Cape Coast,
MBA(Employee Relations) UK
Assistant Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Ms. Agatha Princey Agyeman-Dua BMS, Dip.Ed.,M.Phil.,Cape Coast Assistant Registrar
(School of Agriculture)
Mr. Thomas Yaw Bediako-Mensah LLB (Hons) LLM,London,
Assistant Registrar     
(Division of Legal, Consular & General Services)
Mr. Solomon Faakye B. A. (Arts), Ghana, Dip.(Journalism),GIJ,
M.Phil., Oslo, M.Sc. Tampere,
LLM Tromso,LLB, LB Ghana, Barrister-at-Law
Assistant Registrar
(Division of Legal, Consular & General Services)
Mrs. Georgina Asi Owusu B.Ed. (Primary Education), 
M.Phil.(Educational Admin.), Cape Coast
Assistant Registrar
School of Business
Ms. Milan Ahema Tawiah B.Ed. (Art) Winneba, M.Phil.,
Cape Coast
Assistant Registrar
(Division of Human Resource)
Mrs. Rebecca Asiedu Owusu B.Ed. (Hons) Cape Coast, MBA, London Assistant Registrar
(Office of the Registrar)
Mr. Isaac Adom- Kunadu B.Ed.,M.Phil., Cape Coast Assistant Registrar
(School of Graduate Studies & Research)
Mr. Emmanuel Afreh Owusu B.Ed.,M.Phil., Cape Coast Junior Assistant Registrar
(School of Agriculture)
Mr. Theodilus Yangtul B.Sc.(Animal Science), M.Phil. (Agric.) Cape Coast Farm Manager
(Agric. Farm)
Mr. Anthony Kommeh B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil.Cape Coast Headmaster
University Junior High School
Ms. Agnes Gyimah Dip.(Educ.) Winneba,
B.Ed.(Primary Educ.),M.Phil.
(Ed. Admin.)Cape Coast
University Primary School
Mrs. Gladys
Attah- Gyamfi
B. A.(Arts).,M.A.,Cape Coast.,
MPA, Ghana
Junior Assistant Registrar
(Centre for International Education)
Mrs. Evelyn Nyan BMS, Dip.Ed.,M.Phil.Cape Coast Junior Assistant Registrar
(Institute of Educational Planning & Administration)
Mrs. Sophia A. Abnory B.A.(Arts), M.Ed.,M.Phil. Cape Coast Junior Assistant Registrar
(School of Medical Sciences)
Mrs. Julian Audria Dankwa B.Ed.,Winneba, M.Phil. Cape Coast Junior Assistant Registrar
(Faculty of Social Sciences)
Mrs. Priscilla Baaba Bansah B.A., Cape Coast, M.A., Ohio Junior Assistant Registrar
Mr. Ernest K. Bentum B.Sc. (Computer Science)Kumasi,
MICT, Aalborg University,Denmark
Assistant Systems Analyst


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