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College of Education Studies
University of Cape Coast
Cape Coast - Ghana
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The Faculty of Education is the largest faculty in the University of Cape Coast. It admits close to forty per cent of the total student population. Apart from BSc. Psychology students housed in the Department of Educational Foundations, all the ohther students are trained as teachers for second cycle institutions  as well as  basic schools in the country. The BSc. Psychology students, after completion will work in other related institutions which may require their services as psychologists. There  are six departments, two centres and two institutes in the faculty.


The following set-ups are also established or retained in the Faculty:

  • FAMU- Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Centre for Educational Research
  • Centre for Field Experience and Partnership in Education
  • Instructional Technology Unit
  • Resource Centre for the Blind
  • Child Development Research and Referral Unit


Academic Programmes

The Faculty runs both undergraduate and graduate academic programmes. These are General Education, Special Education, Science Education, Primary Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Health Science Education, Nursing, Curriculum Studies, Guidance and Counselling and Doctoral Programmes in Science Education, Educational Leadership and Vocational Education.

The enrollment for regular undergraduate students for the year under review stood at 1,371 while graduate students stood at 112, making a total of 1,483.

Developments in the Faculty

  • The PGDE programme is being considered for transformation into an M. Ed. programme.
  • The Faculty is also considering changing it’s status from a Faculty to a College of Education.
  • The Faculty is grooming young and energetic graduate students to become lecturers in future to help reduce the problem of inadequate teaching staff in the Faculty.
  • Work on the new Faculty Lecture Theatre Complex is progressing steadily and part of it is being used for lectures.



Major problems that confront the Faculty are:

  1. Lack of adequate teaching staff as some of them still handle large number of students and courses.
  2. Lack of infrastructure such as laboratories and seminar rooms to promote a congenial academic atmosphere.
  3. Lack of adequate vehicles for the efficient running of outreach programmes as well as the day to day administration of the Faculty.

Future Plans

  • To address the problem of shortage of teaching staff by grooming young and energetic graduate students and by the drive to recruit more teaching staff.
  • To deal with the problem of infrastructure by completing the construction of the New Lecture Theatre Complex.
  • Plans are far advanced to acquire a number of vehicles to address the issue of insufficient vehicles.
  • The Faculty hopes to become a "College of Education” in future with the view to diversify its programmes, roles and functions.
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