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The Institute of Education has over the years played a major role in teacher education and training in Ghana. The Institute of Education was established in 1965 as “School of Education” in the then University College of Cape Coast to function as the foremost institution charged with the mandate to maintain continual improvement of teacher education in Ghana by collaborating with stakeholders in education including the Ministry of Education, Teacher Education Division (TED) of the Ghana Education Service, Principals Conference (PRINCOF) etc. The name “School of Education” was changed by the then senate to “Institute of Education” in I973.

As the main examination body for Colleges of Education in Ghana, it examines and certifies students of thirty eight (38) public and two private Colleges of Education in Ghana.


The Institute of Education is a Department within the Faculty of Education of the University of Cape Coast. It is headed by a Director who is supported by a Deputy Director, Secretary (Senior Administrator) and an administrative staff. Currently, there are three units in the Institute namely: Assessment, Research and Publications and Outreach. Each unit is headed by a unit coordinator.

The Institute is governed by a Professional Board (the highest decision-making body of the Institute). The Institute has in addition an Award Committee which reports to the Professional Board.


The objectives of the Institute of Education are enshrined in its constitution (amended by Senate, U.C.C., 1975).

  1. Develop and review periodically the curricula of the various programmes in the Colleges of Education as well as the moderation of their examinations and awarding of certificates and diplomas.
  2. Organize in-service-training and continuing-education courses for teachers at all levels of education.
  3. Promote and organize conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops, on current issues in education.
  4. Promote educational research and secure expertise to engage in special projects of an educational nature.
  5. Provide advisory services to Teacher Education Division (TED) and organizations as and when required.
  6. Be a centre for professional activities for teachers and other organizations involved in educational work.
  7. Perform such other functions as the Professional Board and Academic Board may determine.


The Institute has three (3) functional units, namely:

  1. Examinations and Assessment Unit
  2. Research and Publications Unit
  3. Outreach Unit

Examinations and Assessment Unit

The Examinations and Assessment Unit of the Institute functions as the examining body for all the thirty-eight (38) public and two (2) private Diploma Awarding Colleges of Education in Ghana. Currently, the Institute conducts four (4) types of examinations for students pursuing the following programmes:

  1. The 3-year Post-secondary Diploma in Basic Education (DBE)
  2. The Untrained Teachers' Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE) designed for untrained teachers in the public schools. Of late, the International Foundation for Self-Help (IFESH) has also started supporting untrained teachers for the same purpose.
  3. The Diploma in Basic Education (Sandwich) designed for practising Certificate ‘A' teachers, and
  4. The Untrained Teachers' Certificate ‘A' Programme, which is of 4 years duration instead of three.

Research and Publications Unit

The Research and Publications Unit conducts research into issues in education that inform policy and curriculum development. The unit has two (2) sections, namely the Research and the Publications sections.


The Research section of the Institute of Education is responsible for conducting research into the practice and development of teacher education in Ghana. The focus of the research is mainly on improvement of the quality of teaching in the country.

Publications (Journal)

The Journal of Education Development and Practice (JED-P) is published by the Research and Publications Unit annually.

Outreach Unit

Until the 2009 academic year, the Institute ran an evening programme leading to the Diploma in Basic Education for Certificate ‘A' teachers. The unit now runs the Institute's 4-Semester Post Diploma B. Ed Degree programme for teachers who possess Diploma in Basic Education. The unit also oversees the Institute's M.Ed (Teacher Education) programme on Sandwich basis (for tutors in Colleges of Education and Senior High Schools).
The unit is also tasked to undertake activities that will ensure the effective monitoring and subsequent transition of the Colleges of Education into full fledged University Colleges of Education.



  • 3-Year Post-Secondary Diploma in Basic Education (DBE)
  • 4 -Year Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE)
  • 2-Year Diploma in Basic Education (Sandwich) Programme
  • 2-Year Post Diploma in Basic Education (Sandwich) Programme



  • M.Ed Teacher Education



  1. Administration of examinations and certification of students pursuing various programmes in Basic Education.
  2. Monitoring of the ‘OUT’ component and continuous assessment of the DBE programme.
  3. Organisation of workshops for Principals, Vice- Principals and Assessment Coordinators of Colleges of Education.
  4. Involvement in TESSA activities in Ghana.




Professor Frederick Ocansey Professor/Director
Dr Jonathan Arko Fletcher Senior Lecturer/Deputy Director
Ms. Cecilia Boakye Senior Lecturer/Chief Examiner (Maths)
Dr. (Mrs.) Christine Adu-Yeboah Senior Lecturer
Dr. Ernest Kofi Davis Senior Lecturer/Chief Examiner (Maths)
Mr. Nicholas Koku Kutor Senior Lecturer
Dr. Oseni Atakora Adam Lecturer/Chief Examiner (English Language)
Dr. (Mrs.) Alfredina Zebto Penn Kuupole Lecturer/Research Co-ordinator
Mr. Seth Kofi Nti Lecturer/Chief Examiner (English)
Mr. Jonathan Osae Kwapong Lecturer/Assessment Co-ordinator
Mr. Kwame Bediako Asare Lecturer/Outreach Co-ordinator
Mr. Emmanuel Asare Bediako Lecturer
Mr. Eric Anane Lecturer (On study leave)
Mr. Kwabena Owusu Accountant
Mrs. Mildred Asmah Deputy Registrar
Mr. Atta Yeboah-Sarpong Assistant Registrar


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