Student Email Help

  1. The email for this test account is The username is test.test and the password is aN5=5Cru
    Enter your email address eg into the "Enter your Email" textbox.

    N.B Your entered email address should look like as below. Click on the Next button.

  2. The following page would show up after clicking next in the previous step.

    Enter your password eg 
    aN5=5Cru into the "Password" textbox and click the Sign In button.

    N.B.:  Your password will not show in the "Password" field. You will see dots.
  3. The next page shows the "Google Terms of Service" for your account. Read and click on the "I accept. Continue to my account" button as shown below.

  4. The next page shows a prompt to change the default password

    Enter your new password into the "New Password" textbox and re-enter same new password into the "Re-enter new password" textbox 

    N.B.: New Password must be 8 or more characters long. A string password should be alphanumeric. A combination of alphabets, numbers and some symbols.
  5. Hurrah!!! You are now logged into your email account.