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Mr. Sebastian Osumanu, an alumnus of UCC wins the 2014 Erasmus Mundus Noble Economics Prize

Sebastian Osumanu from the University Of Amsterdam has won the 2014 Erasmus Mundus Noble Economics Prize worth of €10000 and a scholarship package to further His Doctorate degree (PhD) in the same university. He was also awarded by the University as the overall best international student during the 2014 graduate school graduation ceremony.

Mr. Osumanu had his first degree from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and was enrolled into the University Of Amsterdam Graduate School to read his masters degree in Msc Financial Economics through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program in 2012 after his success from the program application. According to his academic history, he had his early education at Mankessim/Central Region, Ghana and furthered his senior high school education at Breman Asikuma Senior High School in the Central Region of Ghana. His strive for academic excellence put lot of challenges for him to pursue his undergraduate studies at University of Cape Coast, Ghana (an institution accorded with high academic profile of Excellency in Ghana).

He was among other four students who made it to the final list of the competition (EMNEP) but obviously had unanimous credits and marks from the evaluation team which crowned him the winner. Speaking to one of the Evaluation team expect after the award ceremony, He said, Mr Osumanu is one of the finest African young intellectual he has ever come across. He stress on his language ability, knowledge which does not only stern from his field of studies but in all academic fields. He concluded by saying "He deserves it all and he stands to be an epitome of the change most African economies will need".

Mr Osumanu interacting with corporate bodies after the award ceremony, the young economist said he is very set and determined with visions to work with the World Bank Africa Group and the IMF to help alleviate poverty from Africa and also to improve upon the Financial strength of the Africa economies. He continued by saying, obtaining a masters degree in Msc Financial Economics do not mean luxury to him but rather a great stepping stone for him to use the knowledge he has acquired to lead his country to dine with the greater economies of the world which will help reduce especially the high rate of unemployment among graduates which is growing a canker in Africa.

The young intellectual by origin of Africa exhibited leadership competence from the senior high school to the university level of education and his just ended position held as the Chairman of the International Student Association-UvA. According to various source from the academia, he has won other awards including the Best Geography student in Ghana, 2006 (source; serve Africa blog).

His admiration of working with an International organization made him opt to pursue an Msc in Financial Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Besides, he has successful had one of his writings (The Mobile Phone Disease) published on two international journals. He stress on other writings which includes (The Effect of Capital Gains Taxation on the Optimal Trading and Equilibrium Pricing of Financial Assets, Empirical Analyses Of Trading Strategies And Market Equilibrium In A Limit Order Market and Risk Premia in Currency Markets); and will all be ready for publications soon.

Mr Sebastian Osumanu granted an interview after the occasion and concluded by thanking the current World Bank Africa Vice President Makhtar Diop for being his source of Inspiration as well as his family(especially His Father and Mother), friends in Ghana and Africa in general

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