Department of Music and Dance
Why study this programme: 

Ghana is a treasure trove of a variety of dances, which establishes cultural identities and enriches the artistic landscape of the country. From Damba to Adowa to Boborbor to Kpanlogo and a host of other dances, the history, beliefs and traditions of the Ghanaian people are well captured in the elaborate movements of the various dances. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Danceseeks to develop the ability of students to perform various traditional and contemporary dances as well as to understand the meaning of the dances they perform themselves.

Admission Requirement: 

Candidates must have good passes in three (3) elective subjects in any of the following elective areas: General Arts and Visual Arts.

Prospective candidates will be interviewed. During the interview, candidates will have to provide evidence of their involvement/interest in music and dance e.g. through membership in choirs, bands, cultural/dance troupes, etc. and generally convince panellists of their creative/artistic capabilities.

Applicants who wish to study music but have not passed music at WASSCE will write an Entrance Examination provided they satisfy the basic University Entry Requirements. The Entrance Examination date will be the same for the Mature Students Examination.

About Degree: 

The Dance program is meant to introduce students to the various aspects of Dance Research, Performance and Theory.

Students who successfully go through the Program will acquire skills in the pedagogy of Dance (with an emphasis on African Dances), acquire enough content matter to be able to teach Dance at various pre-university levels of education, acquire skills in the theory and compostion of Choreography for a variety of purposes.

The program will also prepare students to be able to pursue further studies in various fields of Performing Arts scholarship such as Dance in Education, Ethno-dance, Dance Psychology, Dance Therapy and so on.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Arts
Modes of Study: 
4 years