Early Childhood Education

Department of Basic Education
Why study this programme: 

If you are interested in a teaching profession with a dedicated focus on giving children (0-8) years the best possible start to life then our B.Ed Early Childhood Education is clearly designed with you in mind. 
Incredible development takes place during the very few years of growth in children. The early childhood is seen as the most significant stage of any child’s development as the brain and psychological changes that occur impacts his or her entire life. The more stimulating the environment is for the child, the more he or she grows intellectually and learns rapidly. The sensitivity of children during these stages makes it of utmost importance to ensure that they receive the best care and education in order for them to reach their full cognitive and social potential. The programme therefore covers in-depth study of child development and learning as well as units of study in key learning areas (such as languages, arts, mathematics, health and wellbeing, and science) and examines the important relationships between the early childhood educator, parents, caregivers and the community. 

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants must have passes in any three (3) elective subjects. 

About Degree: 

Our degree will position you for an active and engaging job in the child development sector of education. It also makes you suitable for working with state institutions, organisations and NGO’s that have a mandate or interest in the field. You are also able to play constructive advisory roles in policy formulation for children’s education.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Education
Modes of Study: 
4 years