Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
Why study this programme: 

You can find jobs in the following areas:
 Government agencies like Fisheries Ministry
 NGOs engaged in aquatic environmental campaign
 Industries in fish processing and canning
 Firms engaged in commercial fishing.

Admission Requirement: 

Post WASSSCE - SSSCE admissions:

Candidates must obtain:

a) passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies.

b) passes in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with grades not lower than C6 in Biology and one other elective science subject.

c) an overall aggregate of 36 or better in three core and three elective subjects.

 NOTE: Students will be selected into B.Sc. (Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences) at the beginning of level 300.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
Modes of Study: 
4 Years