Department of Management
Why study this programme: 

The Bachelor of Education (Management) programme trains learners to be professional teachers in Management so as to be able to pass on the skills needed to effectively manage business operations. Communication skills and interpersonal skills, teamwork spirit, leadership skills, idea generation skills and problem solving techniques (which are key requirements that make a good manager), are taught in the programme. Learners are also taught the different structures in business management, exposed to world acclaimed, effective and proven business theories, and business management models. In Ghana, management as a discipline is taught mainly at the Senior High School and tertiary levels. 
The programme places a lot of focus on entrepreneurship as the surer way to job creation. Learners are also taught to be IT proficient, to make their business operations more efficient. They are trained to be better time managers, better controllers of their temperament, and to exhibit good behaviour and attitude. 

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants must have good passes in three (3) elective subjects under Accounting/Secretarial options namely; Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Clerical Office Duties, Typing and Principles of Costing. 

About Degree: 

Graduates from the programme are empowered to take up management roles in all sectors, apart from preparing them for the classroom task of training management professionals. The training in entrepreneurship which the programme offers also makes it possible for graduates to venture into the setting up and running of their own successful businesses when they graduate. 
You can also find jobs as: 
 Management teacher   School Administrator  
 Administrator in business firms and NGOs 

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Education
Modes of Study: