Mathematics and Statistics

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Maths. and Statistics
Department of Mathematics
Why study this programme: 

Our B.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics programme deals with appreciating statistics from a mathematical point of view. Mathematics and Statistics constitute a vital part of everyday life. They have been at the core of advances in science and technology, as well as being an important tool for problem solving and decisionmaking in many areas of life.  
Predicting the weather, making analysis in stock market evaluations, determining the cost benefit outcomes of a social project, launching space shuttles, amongst a host of other activities around which human life revolves and thrives all make ample use of the knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants must obtain passes in Elective Mathematics and any two (2) of the following elective subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Technical Drawing.

About Degree: 

In the past half century there has been a noticeable increase in the importance of mathematics and statistics to our society. The need for such trained professionals at all levels of society is on the increase as the use of computers (which requires mathematical and statistical modelling) is spreading to all sectors of our economy. Solutions of many technological and engineering problems on which our survival quite literally depends will involve a high level of mathematical thought. This therefore indicates that a degree in mathematics and statistics will most often than not guarantee a more than an average career prospect. 
Opportunities for career development and growth abound in the telecommunications, banking, education, business, electronics industries and many others.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
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