Department of Mathematics
Why study this programme: 

Mathematics is a challenging and an exciting science of exactness that plays a central role in many aspects of modern life including business. This degree programme combines mathematical concepts, techniques and models with a particular focus on its application to the world of business. It bridges the divide that exists between the two disciplines.  
Students will therefore develop a working understanding of business enriched with mathematical perspectives, enhancing their dynamism and perspectives with regards to their professional expertise and intellectual capacities. 

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants pass Elective Mathematics, Economics and any one (1) of the following elective subjects: Physics, Chemistry Business Management, Principles of Costing and Accounting or Geography.

About Degree: 

Our B.Sc Mathematics with Business programme will prepare you for interesting career opportunities in business and industry. It also qualifies you for advanced studies and professions in fields such as actuary, banking, insurance etc. 

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
Modes of Study: 
4 years