Mathematics Education

Department of Mathematics and ICT Education
Why study this programme: 

Being a mathematics teacher also opens bigger avenues in private home teaching for pupils whose parents can afford it.
The training the programme offers makes it possible for learners to easily veer into accounting, costing, and banking careers, apart from the career opportunities available in the pharmaceutical and mechanised industry operations for mathematicians.

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants to the M.Ed (Mathematics Education) degree should either be:

(a) holders of B.Ed [Mathematics Education] or B.Ed [Mathematics]  with preferably second class lower division or higher from a recognised university.
(b) holders of BSc (Hons) in a relevant mathematics, statistics or mathematics and statistics and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)/Postgraduate Diploma in Education

About Degree: 

The goal of the programme is to prepare mathematics educators competent in both subject matter knowledge and classroom instruction at college of education level through graduate level coursework in mathematics and mathematics education; technological methodologies applicable to mathematics teaching and learning; pedagogical content knowledge and issues needed effective mathematics teaching and learning.

Degree Type: 
Master of Education
Modes of Study: 
2 Years