Physical Education

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Why study this programme: 


To produce academicians and technocrats in Physical Education and Sports to assume teaching, research and management positions in academic institutions and other organisations.


The objectives are to:

  1. Apply knowledge on the role of physical activity in health and development.
  2. Conduct research in Physical Education, sports science and sports management.
  3. Design, implement, and evaluate sports programmes in school and community settings.
  4. Manage sports at local, national and international level.
  5. Plan, supervise and evaluate physical activity based learning activities.
  6. Translate theory and research knowledge in exercise and sports science into enhanced health and sports performance.
Admission Requirement: 

Master’s degree (with thesis) in Physical Education

About Degree: 

The programme is designed for the following categories of persons:

  1. Staff of the Department of HPER of UCC and other tertiary institutions;
  2. Technical and management staff of the Ministry of Youth and Sports;
  3. Persons aspiring for teaching jobs in tertiary institutions;
  4. Persons aspiring for top management positions in Physical Education and Sports related research institutions.
Degree Type: 
Doctor of Philosophy
Modes of Study: 
3 years