Department of Physics
Why study this programme: 

Physics is a natural science based on experiments, measurements and mathematical analysis with the purpose of finding quantitative physical laws for everything from the world of the microcosms to the planets, solar systems and galaxies that occupy the universe. The laws of nature can be used to predict the behaviour of the world and all kinds of machinery. Many of the everyday technological inventions that we now take for granted resulted from discoveries in physics. Our programme will take the student on a journey to explore the complex and interesting world of physics, and how its knowledge relates to and improves our lives today.

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants must obtain passes Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics 

About Degree: 

Successful completion of our programme will usher you onto a platform of opportunities in a world driven by scientific knowledge. Hence, one can work in any of the many science related fields of practice. It also makes one develop a certain versatility in thinking that can make 
him/her fit for any role in business, industry etc. 
Graduates can also opt for an advanced study in Physics or related field such as astronomy, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, computer science or the life sciences.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
Modes of Study: 
4 years