Department of Science Education
Why study this programme: 

Science is the organisation of knowledge about the universe through experiments and tests, and using the understanding gained from that to set out methods to solve problems facing mankind. The process of building scientific knowledge does not happen easily, as practical steps are taken to study the materials making up various objects found in the universe.  
At the basic and senior high school levels of education, science encompasses physical sciences like biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture, and a few other areas. Learners are taught experimentation methods, exposed to proven scientific theories, and made to understand the reasoning behind some of those theories to equip them for the task of training scientists. Skills such as heightened curiosity, analytical reasoning and creativity are a key focus of the programme. Learners are taught how to adopt scientific models developed from across the world, and localising it for the benefit of mankind in the environments in which they find themselves. 
The B.Ed Science programme primarily trains professional teachers to teach science at the senior high school as well as senior high school levels of Education.

Admission Requirement: 

Applicants must have passes any three (3) of the following elective subjects: Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Education
Modes of Study: 
4 years