The Department of Mathematics and ICT Education, UCC is calling for applications for the mobility component of the ongoing GOT project. The GOT project is a collaboration between the University of Cape Coast, University of Education, Winneba, Tallinn University, and Tampere University. The project aims at shifting lesson delivery towards data-driven and evidence-based methods to provide Digital Education at the University of Cape Coast


Aim(s) and or Objective(s) of the GOT Project

The aims of the collaboration are to:

  1. enhance staffs’ capacity to effectively facilitate digital learning and integrate instructional multimedia
  2. revise and implement ICT policies for UCC and UEW
  3. use social media and web-based tools to complement the use of digital learning management systems
  4. build faculty capacity and competencies in eLearning, Educational Technology and pedagogical integration of ICTs
  5. increase research visibility of both universities
  6. share gained experiences with sister universities in Ghana and Africa
  7. establish a digital education methodology assistants’ unit
  8. write new grant proposals jointly to continue practical and research-oriented co-operation on the quality development of the digital education delivery in Ghana



The objectives for this study are to investigate the:

  1. state of ICT implementation policies in the two Ghanaian universities;
  2. current competencies of higher education instructors in Ghana;
  3. available digital technologies in the two Ghanaian universities;
  4. kind of support management gives to instructors in delivering lessons digitally in the two Ghanaian universities;
  5. assessment practices higher education instructors enact when using digital technologies;
  6. health and safety measures higher education instructors put in place when using digital technologies; and
  7. kind of digital strategies adopted by instructors of these universities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Based on the afore mentioned aims and objectives, applications are invited from teaching staff, through their Heads of Department, for a 5–day Training of Trainers at Tampere University, Finland, and Tallinn University, Estonia. The applicant must be a full-time teaching staff.


Applicant must

*be in active service

*have been confirmed

*be in his/her mid-carrier

*possess a valid passport



Applicants are required to submit a 1-page write-up, stating

*the motivation to be part of the mobility segment of the GOT project

All applications should be made via the link below:



23rd October, 2023


For further information contact

Christopher Yarkwah, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator (PI)

Department of Mathematics and ICT Education

University of Cape Coast