The University recognises the fact that a balance between academic pursuit and recreation most often than not results in the development of quality human resource for any nation. The University of Cape Coast therefore places greater emphasis on extra curricula activities and has created an environment that fosters greater interaction among students and provides ample opportunities for them to engage in useful social activities for fun as well as personal development. This provides some of the most memorable experiences for students throughout their stay at the university.

Hall Week Celebrations

All the traditional Halls of Residence engage in a week-long celebration each academic year. These celebrations are considered to be the high points of the fun side of students’ life.

They are organised by the Junior Common Room Committees (JCRCs) of the various halls. Activities include musical concerts, fashion shows, career development seminars, food and general goods bazaar, clean up exercises, community outreach programmes and many other activities. These celebrations usher in a buzz of great excitement on campus and afford great opportunities to strengthen solidarity and interaction among members of the halls.

Other celebrations include, SRC Week Celebrations, Ladies Week and Departmental Week Celebrations.

Home Coming

Home coming activities are organised by the Halls of Residence and departments within the faculties for some accomplished alumni in society to interact with students. This offers great networking and mentoring opportunities.

Stage Plays

Each semester, students have the opportunity to watch plays staged by students of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies. These plays range from works by world acclaimed writers to experimental works by students. The plays provide invaluable experiences for the students.


Sporting activities are an integral part of the university’s educational philosophy and policy which many students are encouraged to engage in. There are many sporting competitions held every semester such as the fresher’s games which is a competition held for freshmen to unearth sporting talents for the various teams in the university. The inter-hall sporting competition is another major competition held to engage the various halls in a healthy rivalry for laurels and bragging rights.

These competitions which are usually held in an atmosphere of great fun and excitement, afford a great opportunity for social interactions within the university community. Sporting activities include athletics, football, basketball, volley, handball, tennis etc. Apart from these internal competitions, the university also participates in external sporting activities at the national and international levels.

The university also trains students to become physical education instructors under its Bachelor of Education in Health, Physical Education and Recreation programme. This programme has been very instrumental in producing quality human resource to drive the growth of sports and physical education in Ghana.

The sports facilities at the University are availabel for use by both the public and the University community. However, users must obtain prior permission, and there is no fee charged for usage.



The main means for getting around campus is through the university operated shuttles. These shuttles are stationed at vantage points and ply routes leading to academic and residential facilities.

There are also taxis, which transport people from campus to the Cape Coast township. There are two major taxi stations on campus. One is located at the old site and the other at the new site.

Restaurants and Eateries

UCC offers a variety of restaurants and eateries which serve various local and continental dishes. Major items on the menu include rice (plain, fried, jollof, waakye) with chicken or fish as well as fufu, banku, kenkey, red red etc. Prices at the various restaurants range from 8 to 20 Ghana Cedis while cheaper options are available at the various campus markets where one can get a full meal at the cost of GH ¢4.00.

ATL market and Nkrumah Market are some of the major markets on campus where one can buy groceries as well as general household items. Most students however prefer to prepare their own meals in the kitchenettes provided in most of the residential facilities.

Old Site

Deep Dish in Oguaa Hall serves both local and continental dishes.

VOTEC Restaurant in the Old Assembly Hall building serves both local and continental dishes.

New Site

Sasakawa Restaurant in the Sasakawa Guest house serves both local and continental dishes.

SRC Snack Bar around the Large Lecture Theatre serves both local and continental dishes.

Institute of Education Restaurant in the Institute of Education Guest House serves both local and continental dishes.

School of Business Restaurant in the School of Business Guest House