Statement on the withdrawal of students from the Colleges of Education in Ghana at the end of the 2014/2015 academic year by the Professional Board of Institute of Education, University Of Cape Coast.

The Institute of Education of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) was established in 1965 as “School of Education” in the then University College of Cape Coast to function as the foremost institution charged with the mandate to maintain continual improvement of teacher education in Ghana by collaborating with stakeholders in education including the Ministry of Education (MOE), Teacher Education Division (TED) of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Principals Conference (PRINCOF) etc. In 1973, the name “School of Education” was changed by the then Senate of the University to “Institute of Education”.

A major objective of the Institute of Education, among others, is to develop and periodically review the curricula of the various programmes in the Teacher Training Colleges (now Colleges of Education) as well as assess students and award them certificates and diplomas.

As the main examinations body for Colleges of Education in Ghana, the Institute of Education currently examines and awards diploma certificates to students of the thirty eight (38) public and eight (8) private Colleges of Education in Ghana.

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