The Vice-Chancellor has granted approval of a request made by the Provost of College of Health and Allied Sciences, UCC, for the transfer of the clinical services of the Department of Optometry to the University Health Services, in line with the new collaboration between the University Health Services, the College of Health And Allied Sciences (CoHAS) and the School of Medical Sciences (SMS). It is understood that the University Health Services has allotted space at the Hospital to be used as Clinical Center to provide eye care services to the people of the Cape Coast Metropolis and its environs. It will also create a conducive setup for the clinical training of the Optometry Students, while the present facility at the Department will continue to be used for didactic training. The transfer will also allow the Department to operate in a more spacious clinically conducive environment which will also enhance the re-accreditation process and improve the teaching and learning in the Department. The above decision has been respectfully submitted for the Provost’s implementation. This was contained in a letter referenced OR/5/284 of 10th March, 2016 and signed by the REGISTRAR, Mr. Joseph Kofi Nyan.