It is announced for the information of the entire University staff that some bungalows/flats are due for allocation. They comprise Senior Members, Senior and Junior Staff facilities.

All interested staff should contact the Estate Section for the application forms or visit the UCC website and download it. Completed application forms should reach the Estate Office on or before 15th September 2021.


1.      No. 17 Arku Korsah Road                              6. Ogyefo’s House, North OLA

2.      No. 11 Ekem Ferguson Road                         7. No. 9 Arku Korsah Road

3.      No. 2 Mensah Brown Close                            8. No. 10 Kwaprow Bungalows

4.      No. 7 Ekem Ferguson                                     9. No. 3 Amissah Road

5.      No. 1 East Hill Top                                         10. No. 5 Ribeiro Loop

SENIOR STAFF FLATS                                                        

1.      No. 20A Kobina Sekyi                                  

2.      Flat 2, 4th Ridge 

3.       Block 40, Flat 7 Apewosika Road


1. No. 47, Pedu Estate

Thank you.

Surv. Jonas Yengnibeh(HEAD)