The development of Consultancy Policy for the University of Cape Coast has been accomplished through a comprehensive and inclusive process of consultation of all stakeholders.

The policy essentially provides guidelines for action in the area of consultancy in the University. The fundamental principle underlying the Consultancy Policy is that all types of consultancy activities undertaken by members of Faculty/School/
Institute/Department/Directorate/Centre/Section/Unit/Individual where University resources, including time, are used must be routed through the Directorate of Organisational Development and Consultancy for the benefit of the University.

The Consultancy Unit of the University of Cape Coast, as an accredited outfit mandated to tap the variety of expertise in the University to provide consultancy and advisory services to industries, private and government organizations and individuals in a coordinated manner, will be responsible for the implementation of the policy.


The University of Cape Coast has the human and physical capacity to undertake consultancy in order to offer quality service to the community (both local and international).
As part of its mandate, the university is expected to place its expertise at the service of the community. The setting up of the Consultancy Unit is one response to this mandate. The University has the unique advantage of drawing on
a wide range of expertise available in all Faculties/Schools/Departments,Institutes/Directorates/Centres/Sections and Units.

The Unit is a registered member of Ghana Association of Consultants. This policy is in conformity with the mandate, vision, mission and the strategic thrusts of the University as stipulated below:

Mandate of the University of Cape Coast

The University has the mandate to undertake teaching, research and extension services.

Vision of University of Cape Coast

To have a University that is strongly positioned with a worldwide acclaim

Mission of University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast is the University of Choice in Ghana. It is an equal opportunity University uniquely placed to provide quality education through the provision of comprehensive, liberal, and professional programmes that challenge learners to be creative and morally responsible citizens.

University of Cape Coast Corporate strategic Thrusts

  • To vigorously promote research, teaching and outreach that will position the University as a centre of excellence.
  • To develop vigorous fund–raising drive by pursuing consultancy, internally Generated fund and enforcing fiscal discipline.
  • To aggressively develop linkages with local and foreign institutions and partnership with industry
  • To create conducive working environment which recognises equal opportunities for faculties, staff and students
  • To improve capacity and institutional governance structure.
  • To vigorously pursue distance education, develop new and relevant programmes and periodically review the existing ones.
  • To provide integrated and modern information and communication technology facilities.
  • To attract and retain high calibre academic and administrative staff.
  • To create an organisational culture that enhances discipline and commitment.
  • To improve upon physical infrastructure and support service to enhance teaching, learning and research.

In line with the above, the mandate, vision, mission and objectives of the
Consultancy Unit are stipulated as follows:

Mandate of Consultancy Unit

  • To co-ordinate consultancy activities of Faculties, Schools, Departments, Institutes,Centres, Sections, Units and Individual staff of the University in order to generate extra income to supplement what is received from the government as subvention.
  • To source for consultancies through proposal writing
  • To facilitate the implementation of consultancies,
  • To make the Consultancy Unit self- financing and its services integrated into the
  • University’s teaching, research and extension programmes