It is a pleasure for me to provide a foreword to the revised Financial and Stores Regulations for the University. It is common knowledge that Public Universities in Ghana have challenges financing various programmes and activities. Given the complex nature of the University, and following financial decentralisation, these Regulations are expected to guide Spending Officers in particular and the staff of the University in general to ensure that financial

resources are not only judiciously used but also to ensure compliance with the principles of managing public funds. Thus, the new Regulations incorporate provisions from the following documents:

  1. University of Cape Coast Statutes, 2012
  2. University of Cape Coast Gazette, Vol.51. No.5
  3. University of Cape Coast Special Gazette, Vol.52, No.9
  4. Unified Conditions of Service for Unionised Staff of the Public
  5. Universities of Ghana, 1st January, 2008
  6. Financial Administration Act 2003, Act 654
  7. Financial Administration Regulations 2004
  8. Public Procurement Act 2003, Act 663
  9. Internal Audit Agency Act 2003, Act 658
  10. Labour Act 2003, (Act 657)

The Regulations are also in line with Key Thrust 11 of the University's Corporate Strategy 2012 - 2017 which deals with enforcement of fiscal discipline. It is my expectation that the document will be a useful working

policy document for the University of Cape Coast.

Prof. D. D. Kuupole


At its 88th Meeting held on Friday, 14th August, 2015, Council on the recommendation of the Finance Committee approved the Report of Ad hoc Committee on the Review of the Financial and Stores Regulations of the University of Cape Coast.