One of the core mandates of the University of Cape Coast is human capital development and this can largely be achieved through the quality of work produced by its workforce. For an efficient management of the available human capacity, there is always the need to appraise performance with the view to ensuring that staff of the University meet the performance objectives of the organisation.

In furtherance of the foregoing, the University of Cape Coast has come out with this Staff Appraisal Policy with the view to achieving efficiency and effectiveness. The objectives of the policy are to:

  1. align staff performance expectations with the University’s and unit level strategic and operational priorities
  2. provide an avenue to link the development of staff to the University wide and faculty/divisional objectives and initiatives.
  3. provide a mechanism to review performance in terms of mutually agreed expectations
  4. determine the development needs of staff and provide a mechanism for continuous development of the human capital of the institution.
  5. provide opportunities for staff to identify career options and plans.
  6. provide data and information as basis for feedback to staff

This Staff Appraisal Policy discusses the background to the policy, the scope, principles, and procedures for resolving grievances. The policy takes into consideration the current trends in appraisal of staff as well as the immediate past performance of employees

It is the hope of Management that this Staff Appraisal Policy will contribute to improving staff performance.

I want to acknowledge the enormous contributions by Mr. Ebenezer Aggrey, Assistant Registrar, College of Distance Education (CoDE), for getting the first draft of the policy under the guidance of Dr. Kwaku Gyasi Badu, Deputy Registrar, Division of Human Resource (DHR). Additionally, I also thank Prof. K. Awusabo-Asare, Director, DAPQA, Prof. Edward Marfo Yiadom, Dean of School Of Business, Mrs. Elizabeth Annan Prah, Lecturer, School of Business, Mr. Nathaniel Ampah (CoDE), Dr. Kwaku Gyasi Badu, Deputy Registrar (DHR) and Mr. Ebenezer Aggrey, Assistant Registrar (CoDE), for putting the final document together.


Prof. D. D. Kuupole