In order to ensure continuous improvement of the professional attributes of faculty, the University of Cape Coast declares its support for postdoctoral activities and therefore has developed this policy to guide its administration.

The University recognizes two categories of postdoctoral activities. Category one, covers postdoctoral activities that are undertaken by external faculty members on the University of Cape Coast campus while category two refers to postdoctoral training pursued by faculty of this University in other universities/institutions. The University therefore recognizes two categories of people undertaking postdoctoral activities. These are postdoctoral appointees (Category One) and postdoctoral fellows (Category Two).

For the avoidance of doubt, the University defines postdoctoral training as research oriented activities pursued with the aim of enhancing professional skills that are directly related to the subject area of the postdoctoral appointee/fellow. The adoption of this definition by the University implies that postdoctoral activities debars the pursuance of the other two professional engagements of faculty namely, teaching and outreach. The restriction of postdoctoral activities to only research is informed by the University’s quest to attain recognition as a research-oriented institution. The University may in the future, expand the scope of postdoctoral training to cover other endeavours of scholarship.

Postdoctoral conditions shall not in anyway be interpreted as either sabbatical or study leave.