1. All staff members /Faculties/Schools/Institutes/Departments/Sections/Units in the service of the University of Cape Coast who want to undertake consultancy shall inform the Vice-Chancellor through the Consultancy Unit.
  2. Clearance forms shall be collected from the Consultancy Unit for completion by Individuals/Faculties/Departments/Centres/Sections/Units that intend to undertake a particular consultancy project for endorsement before commencement.
  3. Failure to disclose a consultancy project/activity to the Vice-Chancellor shall constitute an offence.
  4. Any University entity that fails to inform the Vice-Chancellor about a consultancy project it undertakes shall pay 15% of personnel cost of the project as penalty to the University through the Unit. All other provisions in this policy still apply.
  5. The Consultancy Unit shall procure consultancy work by soliciting jobs from relevant and potential clients. Consultancies may originate as a formal request made to the Unit by a potential client.
  6. An amount representing 5% of personnel cost of the individual or group consultancy project shall be paid to the Unit for facilitating implementation.
  7. Experts from outside the University may be engaged by relevant entities to undertake consultancy on behalf of the University in cases where no such expertise exist in the University. The terms and conditions of engagement will be arranged with the expert.
  8. The Vice-Chancellor or his/her representative shall, in the case of University Consultancy, be signatory to all University Consultancy documents. In the case of General Consultancy, Individual/Faculty/School/Institute/Department/Centre/ Section/ Unit shall complete appropriate clearance form(s) from the Consultancy Unit for endorsement before implementation.