Degree Type: 

Master of Arts


Department of Classics and Philosophy

Modes of Study: 


Entry Requirements: 

To be considered for admission, a candidate must have a good first degree from this University or a recognised comparable institution, in Classics, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History or Ancient Philosophy.

Furthermore, a candidate for the M.Phil programme will be required to demonstrate a working knowledge of one of the Classical Languages: Greek and Latin.  Where a candidate does not already possess this knowledge, he/she will be required to take an additional Greek or Latin Language paper at the end-of-semester examinations. Candidates are to offer a minimum of three courses per semester for the M.A. programme and for the first year M.Phil programme.

Career Opportunities: 

The Department of Classics and Philosophy runs Master of Arts (MA) programmes in Classics. Our (MA) courses are designed to equip students with the requisite tool for advance research in Classics and also  prepare them adequately for the job market.