Degree Type: 

Master of Arts


Department of Religion and Human Values

Modes of Study: 


Entry Requirements: 

Candidates should have at least a CGPA of 2.5 (i.e. Second Class [Lower Division]) in the first degree or its equivalence

Career Opportunities: 

The role of religion in the holistic development of societies is gradually increasing the importance society places on professionals in the field of religion. Religious extremism (violent acts inspired by religious beliefs) has also played a major role in destabilising countries and sub regions. Graduates in the programme have thus become key personnel recruited into national security and intelligence agencies to help deal with such religious extremism. The Human Value aspect of the programme trains students in what human rights are, and what constitutes human right abuses – a key demeaning factor of human value. Graduates can also find jobs in the following areas:  Academia

 Religious based NGOs engaged in anti religious extremism campaigns  Civil Service through government’s cultural and religious agencies.  Professional counselling  Religious organisations  Human rights NGOs