Degree Type: 

Master of Philosophy


Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Programme Duration: 

2 years (Standard Entry)

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

The Government of Ghana through it policies have upgraded Colleges of Education (COEs) into University Colleges and Polytechnics to Technical Universities. This means that Tutors in these institutions who hold M.Ed. and other non-research Masters degrees would have to be upgraded to research based degree, Master of Philosophy. There is an urgent need for the commencement of this MPhil Top-up programme to give these Tutors with the M.Ed. the minimum requirement needed to teach in these upgraded institutions.


This programme will help achieve the inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Number 4 (Quality Education) intend to achieve. Therefore, for the nation to benefit fully from its educational aspirations and achieve the SDG 4, there is the need for skilled professionals with content and pedagogical knowledge to handle students in these upgraded institutions.


With the upgrading of the COEs and Polytechnics, most of the Tutors are likely to be laid off. Since majority of these Tutors do not possess the minimum MPhil degree required to work as academic staff in these institutions. Hence, the Top-Up programme will enable the affected personnel with M.Ed. background in Physical Education and closely related areas to upgrade themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills within a short time period.


In line with the mission of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), to provide quality education through the provision of comprehensive liberal and professional programmes, this top-up programme is designed to challenge learners to be creative, innovative and responsible citizens. Those who are capable of pursuing their PhD programmes would also take advantage to do so after this Top-Up MPhil sandwich programme. The Top-Up programme is also in line with the UCC policy to eventually focus its attention more on postgraduate studies in other to produce high calibre manpower to help solve the nation’s challenges.


Furthermore, unlike the M.Ed. programme which was purely on course work basis, the MPhil is a research based degree and therefore candidates will research into various problems in society and help find solutions to them. This will sharpen and prepare those who will want to upgrade themselves in future for PhD programmes. Currently no university is offering such a programme for non-research based Masters holders in physical education, who desire to progress further.

Target Groups

The programme targets the following groups of persons:      

      1. Teachers in public Basic, Senior High Schools, Colleges of Education, and Technical Universities.
      2. Teachers in private Basic, Senior High Schools, Colleges of Education, and Technical Universities.
      3. Physical Education coordinators at the Regional/Municipal/Metropolitan/District/ Circuit levels.
      4. Sports coaches in tertiary institutions.
      5. Staff of National Sports Authority.
      6. Corporate and private fitness management personnel.
      7. Professionals in sports administration and management positions.



After the Top-Up MPhil programme, a candidate may be allowed to upgrade to a Ph.D. programme if he/she obtains the following.


  1. CGPA of 3.5 in the course work.
  2. Not more than one grade C+.
  3. Score B+ or better MPhil Research Methods and Thesis.
  4. Take a course in Academic Writing and pass.
  5. Present a research proposal in an acceptable standard.
  6. Successfully defend a final research proposal before the Departmental Examination Board and pass with at least B+.

Entry Requirements: 

The programme is open to people who possess M.Ed. in Physical Education

Goal / Aim / Objectives: 


The goals of the programme are to provide opportunities for candidates to upgrade their current academic status to higher ones, teach students at various levels of the educational system, and also occupy upper level managerial positions in various physical education and other related fields.



The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. equip students with the requisite knowledge, techniques and skills that will enable them develop and upgrade themselves in specialised areas in Physical Education and Leisure for both teaching and non-teaching employment.
  2. enable students acquire an appreciable level of intellectual capacity necessary for doctoral progression in Physical Education and related programmes.