The Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA) is a UNESCO Category II Centre established at the University of Cape Coast to advance and promote educational planning, administration, and leadership in the West African Sub-region. Applications are invited from suitably qualified people for appointment to the position below:

v  Position Description:

1.    Position Title: Deputy Director-General (DDG) (Administration and General Services) (Adm. &GS)

2.    Job Level: Managerial/Executive

3. Location: University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

4. Reports to: Director-General (D-G)

v  Job Responsibilities

The Deputy Director-General (Adm.& GS) shall be responsible for the administration and general services of the IEPA UNESCO Category II Centre and the achievements of the Institute’s growth and success agenda. The DDG (Adm.& GS)’s responsibility also extends to supporting the Director-General’s effective management of the Institute in fulfilment of the declared vision, mission and strategic thrusts within the statutory framework laid down by the IEPA Governing Board. The DDG (Adm. & GS) shall coordinate the activities of the Institute’s directorates and perform any other duties prescribed by the D-G. The DDG (Adm. &GS) shall assist the DG in the following:

  1. Ensure the implementation and achievement of IEPA’s current and future strategic directions as set by the Board;
  2. Ensure delivery of strategic and operational key performance results and outcomes;
  3. Provide the mandate and leadership for the management team to work in partnership across their operational groups, to lead and implement continuous improvements in educational processes, leveraging digital transformation and ensuring delivery of client-centric services;
  4. Account for creating new sub-regional opportunities and keeping good relationships with private and public sector stakeholders to make sure the Institute keeps growing,
  5. Assess and mitigate principal risks and compliance of the Institute’s core mandate, together with its growth and success, and ensure that appropriate management and technological systems are in place for delivering the expected services and performance standards;
  6. Provide strong visionary leadership and build strong relationships with decision-making powers.

v  Key Responsibilities:

The DDG (Adm. & GS) is vested with broad responsibilities and authority as per the IEPA’s governance policy and operational guidelines. Major responsibilities include:

  1. Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Institute;
  2. Developing organizational policies to guide operations;

3.    Managing administrative budgets;

  1. Hiring and training administrative staff;
  2. Negotiating contracts and agreements with partners and vendors;
  3. Maintaining corporate relationships;
  4. Monitoring operating expenses;
  5. Liaising with other departments for efficiency;
  6. Updating executives on performance;
  7. Being a custodian of the IEPA Seal;
  8. Overseeing the offices of:

o    Communication and Public Relations

o    Administration

o    Finance

o    Audit

o    Procurement

v  Key Competencies

The person should have the following key competencies:

Ø  Leadership

a.    Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for IEPA’s vision, and motivates, leads, and empowers others to achieve stated institutional goals;

b.    Have visionary and innovative leadership qualities;

c.    Ability to formulate strategies and policies, and create new approaches in adverse situations;

d.    Ability to promote the image of the Institute through Research, Outreach and Consultancy.

Ø  Relationship Management

a.    Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders and commercial enterprises to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals;

b.    Problem Solving and Analysis Skills;

c.    Communication Skills;

d.    In-depth understanding of Education, Government, and Industry Processes.

Ø  Governance/Management

a.    Experience in working with Governing Boards providing professional, accurate, and strategic advice;

b.    Ability to implement and deliver on Governing Board’s decisions and policies;

c.    Understands the interface between the role of directors and management;

d.    Has an understanding of and commitment to being an equal opportunities Institute.

Ø  Personal Organization

a.    Commitment to personal excellence and Governing Board decisions and policies;

b.    Displays honesty, integrity and a strong sense of fairness.


v  Qualification and Experience

a.    A Master’s degree in a relevant field; a PhD would be an added advantage; a significant amount of work experience in a comparable position;

b.    A Strong communication and people management, interpersonal and influencing skills to build strong professional relationships, foster stakeholder engagement, create new partnerships and drive a culture of collaboration and innovation;

c.    Membership of a relevant professional body;

d.    Must be able to serve at least one term in office.

v  Term of Office

The appointment shall be for four (4) years, renewable up to a maximum of four (4) years, subject to satisfactory performance as determined by the Governing Board, provided that the appointment does not exceed the statutory retiring age of sixty (60).

v  Conditions of Service

Salary and fringe benefits attached to the positions are attractive and will be specified in the letter of appointment.

v  Mode of Application & Closing Date

Interested applicants who meet the above criteria should please submit the following listed documents:

  1. Formal application letter;
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae

c.    A 3-page vision statement;

  1. Relevant supporting documents;


The Registrar

University of Cape Coast

Cape Coast


e.    Applicants should request three (3) referees to submit report on them directly to the above address and a copy send by email;

f.     The closing date for the receipt of applications is 12th September, 2023.