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Training Medical Professionals for Emerging Health Challenges

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 10:00am
UCC SMS Forecourt
Organized By
School of Medical Sciences
Prof. Harold S. Amonoo-Kuofi

The UCC SMS Approach


This is random sugar level testing in the blood since most people will have eaten before coming for the program. A drop of your blood will be drawn onto a glucose test strip and placed in a glucometer for the reading which will be recorded. This is a normal check for your blood pressure both manually and digitally.

Blood Grouping

Blood grouping will be done to determine which of the blood group A, B, AB and O, together with the Rhesus factor (+) or (-). For body fat analysis, you stand on a machine and your anthropometric readings will be ascertained. Females will be screened for any suspicious lumps in an ambulance at the site using the latest technological instrument "the Breast-I"

You finally take this to the doctor for consultation and he/she will assess your cardiovascular risk.

All are Invited!!

Key Features / Side Attractions
Diabetes Check
Blood Pressure Checks
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Blood Grouping
Body Fat Analysis
Breast Screening