Brief Profile of Universtiy of Cape Coast by the Vice Chancellor


The University of Cape Coast, unlike some other places you may have worked, is a friendly working environment, and you will soon realize that UCC is much more than an education institution. We are a community working together to educate the nation's future leaders. There is nothing more fulfilling, rewarding or exciting than to be a part of this effort. Each staff has a specific role in preparing students for their professional careers, and our success rests on how each of us does his/her job. From the maintenance and environmental workers who work diligently to make UCC the warm and inviting place that it is, to the executive staff, who make major policy decisions, we all are committed to making UCC the best it can be.

As a UCC employee, we encourage you to be innovative, to seek new solutions, and to try new ideas. This is a place where innovation is valued rather than discouraged. Do not be afraid to try new things: only through the exploration of possibilities can we find better solutions.

Finally, we value the benefits that come through teamwork. By combining the talents of many, and by sharing opinions and ideas, we can continue UCC's march to excellence in all that we do. We encourage you to lend your expertise, to work cooperatively, and to share your talents for the betterment of UCC.

Again, Akwaaba to the University of Cape Coast.