Fresh students listening to presentations at the CEGRAD 2nd Camplife Tidbit Workshop

CEGRAD Holds 2nd Camplife Tidbit Workshop for Freshers

The Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation (CEGRAD), has organised a two-day workshop (orientation) for freshmen and women for the 2019/2020 academic year. This was also to mark the 2nd Camp Life Tidbits Workshop. A veteran Peer Facilitator and PhD Candidate, Department of Population and Health, Abdul-Aziz Seidu, commented that this year’s Camp Life Tidbits Workshop has been very good because attendance has been great as compared to last year. He commended the University Management for incorporating the programme in the school’s orientation ceremony. Mr. Seidu also commended the Director, CEGRAD, Dr. (Mrs.) Georgina Yaa Oduro, and the new Peer Facilitators for their responsiveness and a wonderful job. The veteran Facilitator, appealed to the freshmen and women for their cooperation, contribution, and urged them to be responsible in all their endeavours on campus. He was hopeful that the Camp Life Tidbits Workshop would be supported, so as to help sensitize and educate freshmen and women on gender, lifestyle, relationship and academic based issues. A level 100 student, BSc. Mathematics and Statistics, Nyomadi Mawufenya Atsufi, said the Camp Life Tidbits has been a good source of information and education on campus life and where to find support in times of need. Another level 100 student, BSc. Computer Science, Nyamekesse Samuel also said the workshop has given him insight on issues he least expected to be taught in life, and also got the opportunity to socialise with other people.