Central University Grateful to UCC for Good Mentorship

Officials from Central University led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kwesi Yankah have met with the management of the University of Cape Coast to express their gratitude for the tremendous support offered them during their mentoring period.   Prof. Yankah was full of commendation for UCC for the strong presence of mind and deep knowledge about mentoring institutions and hoped that fortitude would be extended to all who fall under their mentorship. “UCC has taken us through all the crucial stages of mentorship, what is left is for us to put into practice what we have been taught”.   Prof. Yankah called on the two parties to put the past behind them and forge ahead for the good times ahead to ensure that the relationship grew from strength to strength. “We have reached a point where we can’t say that the grooming has ended so let us go our own ways. Yes, it has officially or formally ended, but the real collaboration as partners has now begun”, he emphasised.   The Vice-Chancellor of UCC, Prof. D. D. Kuupole in his response said, “We are comforted that you have finally come to appreciate our position. We have been together for close to 20 years, there were challenges, but the happiest moment is now”. He said the university was doing all that for the good of its mentor institutions with “zeal, enthusiasm and motivation”.   Prof. Kuupole indicated that UCC was also under scrutiny and being monitored by the regulatory authorities and therefore had to “wield the whip the way it does” with Central University so that now that they would be respected as an autonomous institution. “Now when your products come out they will market your university”, he stated.   Prof. Kuupole said it was true that Central University now has a charter but the time has come for a review of the relationship between the two institutions for fruitful collaborations.  He called for all outstanding businesses to be conducted amicably so that the two institutions could a part company in respect and dignity for the relationship to continue, “long after we are all gone”.