The exchange pupils and headteachers of the University Basic Schools with the Central Regional Minister, Mr. Kwamina Duncan

Centre for Teaching Support Hosts Fulbright Scholar from USA

The Centre for Teaching Support (CTS) of the College of Education Studies is hosting a Fulbright Scholar, Prof. Mark Stoner from the Department of Communication Studies, Carlifornia State University, USA to help build capacity of staff at the Centre.

During his stay on campus, Prof. Stoner will also assist to develop manuals for training programmes to guide the Centre to strengthen its mandate of enhancing professional development of lecturers both in the University and other institutions of higher education.

As part of his working visit to UCC, the Director of the CTS, Dr. Douglas Agyei, formally introduced Prof. Stoner to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Nelson Buah in his office.

Welcoming Prof. Stoner, Prof. Buah thanked him for responding to the invitation adding that “People with such experience are in high demand and therefore the University is proud to have him on campus.” He noted that the University established the Centre with the vision of developing it to become a strong pillar to help build the skills of lecturers in tertiary institutions particularly Ghana and by extension the African continent to improve teaching and learning.

Prof. Buah stated that as part of the University’s Internationalisation agenda, such visits of experienced scholars from all over the world was very important. He expressed confidence that Prof. Stoner would leave footprints through the transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences to develop the CTS to a Centre of Excellence in Africa.

Responding, Prof. Stoner expressed gratitude to UCC for hosting him and noted that he was impressed with the pace of development at CTS. He praised the director for his commitment and hardwork to transform the Centre.

It would be recalled that the Centre for Teaching Support (CTS) at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana is an initiative to help university teaching staff engage in thinking and developing practices to improve teaching and learning. The centre serves as a place for teaching staff of the University and other educational institutions to develop their teaching skills by readily accessing resources and training programmes to enhance the quality of their teaching. The Centre also spearhead the design, distribution and use of teaching and learning materials in the university and other educational institutions.

Present at the meeting were the Registrar, John Kofi Nyan and Assistant Librarian, Mr. Wilfred Biney.