The exchange pupils and headteachers of the University Basic Schools with the Central Regional Minister, Mr. Kwamina Duncan

Communique of IEPA Colloquium On 21st Century Skills for Educational Administrators

The Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA) held a Colloquium on the theme, 21st Century Skills for Educational Administrators at the University of Cape Coast Auditorium on Wednesday, 6th June, 2018. The Colloquium came out with a Communique as follows:

  1. MOE/GES/IEPA should support school administrators to use data-driven decision-making approaches to enhance their practice.  
  2. MOE/GES should ensure that the implementation of the decentralization of education policy in Ghana be felt at the local level. Thus, MOE/GES must fully empower educational administrators to make sound decisions that affect teaching and learning in the schools.   
  3. Accountability guidelines must be visible in GES. Supervisors should demonstrate the ability and commitment to hold themselves, students and staff accountable.
  4. IEPA should develop educational administrators who demonstrate national character and be conscious of their school contexts.
  5. 21st century educational administrators must demonstrate key skills such as strategic leadership, instructional leadership, data-driven decision-making, supporting teacher/professional development, and innovative managerial skills. IEPA in collaboration with the MOE/GES should organize targeted programmes to help educational administrators acquire the 21st century skills
  6. Government should create the enabling environment for educational administrators to provide feedback on the implementation of the free Senior High School programme and other educational policies for improvement.

       7. IEPA should continue creating the platform for stakeholders of education to regularly come together and interact on issues of improving quality of education in Ghana