CTS Extends Training to National Ambulance Services (NAS)

In pursuance of its mandate of improving teaching and learning in higher education, the Centre for Teaching Support (CTS) of the College of Education Studies of UCC has extended its services to the National Ambulance Services (NAS). The training targeted 43 Doctors and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who are tutors at the National Ambulance Service Training School. The School which is also known as Paramedics and Emergency Care Training School (PECTS) typically offers programmes that prepare students for careers in emergency medical care in the country. The programme, themed “Improving Teaching Methodologies: Andragogical approaches and Strategies with Information & Communication Technology (ICT)” took place at the Public Services Union Centre in Kumasi from the 14th to 18th of August, 2017. According to the Director of CTS, Dr. Douglas Agyei, the objective of the training was to enhance professional development of the teaching staff by providing them opportunities to a range of andragogic approaches and skills including: Learning outcomes/Blooms taxonomy of cognitive learning, constructing essay and multiple type items, course outline preparation, marking scheme and rubrics preparation, use of concept maps and presentation application as a productivity and instructional tool. Dr. Agyei reiterated that the training engaged the participants in interactive, participatory and experiential sessions as well as formal presentations, group discussions, hands-on activities and poster presentations. The Chief Executive Officer of NAS, Prof Ahmed N. Zakariah, expressed appreciation to the team of facilitators and urged members of his team to make use of the knowledge and skills acquired during the training to enhance their teaching and learning outcomes as well as their own professional development