CTS Trains Tutors of College of Health, Yamfo

The Centre for Teaching Support of the University of Cape Coast has organised a training workshop for the College of Health, Yamfo (CoHY). The training programme which was facilitated by the Institutional Affiliation Office forms part of UCC’s responsibility to build the staff capacity of institutions being mentored by the University. The objectives of the two-day programme were to develop hands-on capacity building skills of the in the preparation and use of Course Outlines during a tutor’s first contact with students in the classroom as well as preparation of multiple choice and essay type test items. It was also to engage the tutors to adopt effective ways of evaluating students’ progress and providing students’ feedback of their performances. In addition, the workshop aimed at helping the tutors to explore different strategies and basic techniques of supervising students’ project work. Tutors of CoHY were taken through topics such as Multiple Choice Items, Essay Type Questions, Assessment and Feedback, Strategies for Effective First Day/Week in Class, Project work supervision and Evaluation, Certification The Director of CTS, Dr. Douglas D. Agyei, and Dr. Godwin Aboagye, from the College of Education Studies, UCC, were the Resource Persons for the workshop. They engaged the tutors through interactive, participatory and experiential as well as formal presentations, group discussions, hands-on activities and poster presentations. Sharing their thoughts after the workshop, the tutors of CoHY expressed gratitude for the depth of knowledge gained and skills acquired from the various sessions of the training and appealed to the University to periodical organise such programmes for them. They also recommended that UCC should extend the workshop to other institutions which were being mentored by the University.