The UCC delegation with the Dean of the College of Education, Prof. Robert Floden

Delegation from College of Education Visits Michigan State University

The Provost of the College of Education Studies (CES), Prof. Eric Magnus Wilmot, has led a  seven-member delegation from the College to Michigan State University (MSU), United States of America (USA), to find out possible areas of collaboration between the two institutions.

CES Delegation          

The delegation from CES comprised the Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology Education, Prof. Joseph Mintah, Dean, Faculty of Educational Foundations, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson; Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Education; Prof. Kofi T. Yiboe, Ag. College Finance Officer, Ms. Kate Aba Sam, and Ag. College Registrar, Mrs. Alberta Yaa Graham.      

Interaction with MSU

The visit which was at the invitation of the Associate Dean, International Studies in Education, Professor Lynn Webster Paine of the College of Education MSU, offered the delegation from CES opportunity to discuss with faculty members of MSU on various issues of importance to both institutions. As part of the itinerary, the CES team was introduced to MSU Strategic Planning Programme, African Studies Centre, Community Engagement, Digital Humanities Laboratory, Office of the Education Abroad, meeting with University K-12 Partnership among others. The Provost of CES also made presentations about the University of Cape Coast with emphasis on CES.


On behalf of the delegation, Prof. Wilmot thanked the Management and Faculty of the College of Education, MSU for hosting them and for sharing valuable and insightful activities and information with them. He hoped that the visit was going to be the beginning of a stronger and mutual collaboration between the two institutions. Prof. Wilmot further expressed gratitude to Management of the University, especially, the Vice-Chancellor for granting them permission to embark on the visit.