Directorate of Finance to Digitise Accounting Records

The Directorate of Finance of University of Cape Coast (UCC) has pledged to digitize accounting records of the University. In view of this, the Directorate has organised a workshop on digitisation of Accounting Records for its staff.

In his presentation, the University Librarian, Dr. Mac-Anthony Cobblah, explained digitisation as the process of converting analog information into digital format, which can be easily stored, assessed and manipulated using computers and other digital devices.

"It can be done by scanning or recording. Digitisation is a small aspect of digitalisation.  Digitalisation is the process of leveraging on digital technologies to transform business processes, ultimately resulting in opportunities for efficiencies and increased revenue" he explained.

He pointed out vouchers, financial statements, bank statements, receipts and invoice as some of the accounting records that could be digitised.


Dr. Mac-Anthony Cobblah, University Librarian

Dr. Cobblah outlined cost saving, space-saving, increased accessibility, decision making and increased efficiency as some of the benefits of digitisation. He also mentioned user accessibility, cost implications, data security, loss of content and standardisation as some challenges of digitisation.

While taking participants through the digitisation processes, he noted that the greatest legacy any generation could leave for the future was institutional memory and this could be collectively achieved through digitisation.

Other facilitators were Theophilus K. Ocran, Digital Service Librarian and Mr. Samuel Assare Ampofo, a System Librarian.

Source: Documentation and Information Section-UCC