Don’t Trivialize APA Style and Its Usage- Prof. Omotosho

A Visiting Professor of Guidance and Counselling at the Department of Guidance and Counselling, Prof. Joshua Adebisi Omotosho, has advised Postgraduate students to be mindful of American Psychological Association (APA) style and its usage to avoid goofing during their dissertations. “If you trivialize APA, you worsen your goofing or ‘fooging’ “, he said. Prof. Joshua Adebisi Omotosho was speaking at the First Faculty Lecture organised by the Faculty of Educational Foundations at the C.A Ackah Auditorium 900. It was on the theme “APA Style and its use: You’ll continue to Goof or ‘Foog’ unless….” He noted that students would continue to goof or ‘foog’, unless they “prepare manuscript for submission as specified in the website of the journal, use Times New Roman, with 12- point font size, and use double-space between all text lines of the manuscript.” The Professor of Guidance and Counselling also explained the main elements of Journal Article which include the Title, Author’s name, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Discussion, References, Footnotes, Appendices and Supplemental Materials as the main areas to consider. The Dean of the Faculty of Educational Foundations, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson, in a welcome address, said the faculty lectures were designed to create awareness to proffer solutions to local, national and international issues. He said the Faculty had plans to bring industry players and other stakeholders to share their knowledge with faculty and students so that the students would be exposed to the world of work. He noted that the lecture would help put graduate students on a higher pedestal to overcome the difficulties in APA style and its usage and commended Professors at the Faculty for mooting the idea.