Dr. Julius Eghan Junior presenting his award to the Provost, College of Education Studies

Dr. John Elvis Hagan Junior Wins Cluster of Excellence Initiative Awards

A Lecturer at the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Dr. John Elvis Hagan Junior, has presented Cluster of Excellence Initiative Awards he won while pursuing his PhD at Bielefeld University in Germany to the Provost of the College of Education Studies, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot.

Excellence Initiative Award is an award presented to graduating students each year by the German Federal and State Governments to promote top-level research in Germany. This initiative is to deepen cooperation between disciplines and institutions, and strengthen international cooperation.

Presenting the award, Dr. Hagan Junior, said his dissertation was adjudged as the best for 2018. “Though I had won scholarship, the University granted me the permission to leave, I also owe so much to the faculty, the College and the entire University,” he added.

He explained that he was able to publish four articles before his graduation. This he said was recognised as outstanding.

Prof. Eric Magnus Wilmot congratulated Dr. John Hagan on winning these enviable awards. He added that, this would help project not only the image of the College and that of the University as well. “We encourage others to do their best to win similar awards in whatever endeavours they are engaged in”, he said.