Faculty of Educational Foundations Holds Seminar on Teaching Philosophy and Assessment

The Faculty of Educational Foundations has organised a day’s seminar to build the capacities of lecturers and students on teaching philosophy and assessment. A Fulbright Specialist from the Auburn University, USA, Dr. Stacey Nickson, who spoke on “Developing a Teaching Philosophy and Assessment”, said teaching philosophy statement is a written declaration that describes and explains values, beliefs and actions surrounding the process of teaching and learning. According to her, teaching philosophy statement articulates the continuity between one’s beliefs and actions around teaching and learning. She noted that students will lose confidence and trust in their teachers, if what teachers “Say does not match what they do”. Speaking on Class Assessment Technique, she said classroom assessment provides the teacher with immediate feedback of the students’ understanding for him or her to adjust the lessons accordingly. She advised teachers to undertake both misconceptions and preconceptions checks on their students. “Your focus must be uncovering prior knowledge or beliefs that hinder or block new learning. This can be designed to uncover incorrect or incomplete knowledge, attitudes or values.” For his part, the Dean of Faculty of Educational Foundations, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Simpson, thanked the facilitator for her presentation and urged participants to adopt good teaching philosophy as professionals. He noted that the Faculty would organise frequent seminars to build the capacities of lecturers and students.