The Faculty of Social Sciences Honours Hard Working Students

The Faculty of Social Sciences has honoured 36 students from level 200 to 400 who have excelled in their academic work at the 2015/2016 Dean’s Award Ceremony.

The award winners who obtained Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3. 6 and above fall within the first class category in their respective programmes of study.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, the Provost of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies, Prof. Stephen K. Kendie, congratulated the students and urged them to work towards maintaining excellence in all their endeavours. He noted that the awards they had received should not be the end but the beginning of their quest to achieve success in all spheres of life.

Prof. Kendie reminded the award winners that application of knowledge was very essential in the world of work and stressed that “The award shows that you have good content but you need to also prove that you can apply the knowledge you have acquired in the University at the work place.” He also encouraged other students who did not receive awards to put in more effort in their studies to be counted among the awardees in subsequent Dean’s Awards.

In his remarks at the function, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Francis Eric Amuquandoh, described tertiary education as an enterprise with many stakeholders working towards achieving a common goal.  “It is the expectation of all stakeholders that the university will transform students to uphold excellence and contribute meaningfully towards the development of the country,” he explained.

Prof. Amuquandoh gave the assurance that the Faculty would continue to hold consultative meetings with students to discuss issues relating to their academic work. He noted that the Faculty would continue to train them to acquire the knowledge and skills to excel both in academics and the field work adding “we are ever determined to assist our students to perform well, especially to tackle the gap between weak and brilliant students.”

Heads of the various Department in the faculty also addressed the students on issues concerning academic work.

As part of activities to mark the Dean’s Award, the Faculty held an inter-departmental debate on the topic “Liberal Arts Education is Relevant to the Socio-economic Development of Ghana.” The students who contested in the debate displayed high level of confidence in their arguments either in favour or against the motion. At the end of the debate, those in favour of the motion were declared winners by the panel of judges.