FUSSAG Executive Council Builds Capacity

A capacity training workshop has been held for members of the Executive Council of the Federation of Senior Staff Association of Ghana (FUSSAG) to equip them in the delivery of their duties. The two-day workshop, which brought together members of the Executive Council and various Constituency Representatives, was on the theme “Enhancing Productivity through Professional Behaviour.” The Constituency Representatives are members within the Senior Staff of the University who have been elected in the various colleges, school and faculties to represent members at FUSSAG Executive Council Meeting. Addressing the participants, a Consultant, Mr. John Ato-Mensah, underscored the importance of time and stress management to the participants in the discharge of their duties as union leaders and staff of the University. According to Mr. Ato-Mensah, the Council members should ensure that they do not allow activities of the Union to consume greater part of their time to the detriment of their assigned duties as staff of the University. Consequently, he advised them to balance their time to ensure increase productivity at their places of work. Mr. Ato-Mensah, who took participants through stress management and other topics, said it was an undeniable fact that work and the environment of conditions at the work place cause most of stress. To help manage stress, Mr. Ato-Mensah advised participants to take charge of their thoughts, emotions, schedules and the way they deal with problems. He urged them to refrain from unhealthy coping strategy of stress such as smoking, over eating, recluse, procrastination and using pills to relax. The Chairman of FUSSAG, Mr. Daniel Egyir Arthur, thanked the facilitator and added that participants would balance their time and deal with stress management in the exercise of their duties as union leaders and workers of the University to ensure productivity. He urged participants to share their experiences from the workshop with their constituents. The Secretary of FUSSAG, Mr. Kofi Adom-Yankey, said he had learnt that how to effectively manage his time as a union leader so that it wouldn’t affect his official duty at the University. “It has been very resourceful. I have learnt how to co-operate and work with people within groups,as well as stress and time management” said Mr. Akwasi Karikari, a participant, representing members of FUSSAG at the Sam Jonah Library. Participants pledged to share lessons learnt at the workshop with their constituents and other staff of the University.