Members of faculty with the Gambia  delegation

Gambian Delegation Interacts with the Department of Peace Studies

A delegation from The Gambia, has visited the University to interact with the faculty of the Department of Peace Studies of the School for Development Studies.

The delegation led by the Director-General of Strategic Policy and Delivery Department, at the office of the President of Gambia, Mr. Alhagie Nyangado, was received by the Dean of the School for Development Studies, Dr. E. Y. Tenkorang, and the Head of  Department of Peace Studies (DPS), Dr. Patrick Osei-Kufuor, at the School’s Conference Room.

The interaction was under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership of the United Nations (UN), West African Network for Peace Building (WANEP)-Gambia and the Government of Gambia. 

Fact Finding Tour

The leader of the delegation, Mr. Nyangado said members of the delegation were on a fact finding tour to acquaint themselves with Ghana’s Peace Architecture; and how it has been implemented to help maintain peace in the country. According to him, the Gambia was in the process of modeling her Peace Architecture after experiencing a 22year autocratic rule which left the country in tatters. “We therefore needed a good model to start with and since Ghana Peace Architecture is the best in the sub-region, we saw it fit to visit and see it at work,” he noted. The visit to the DPS, UCC was part of a visit to Ghana’s National Peace Council (NPC).

Sharing Experiences of Ghana’s Peace Council

Sharing his experiences, a former Director of the Institute for Development Studies (now SDS) and former Provost of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies, Professor S. B. Kendie, said the role of the NPC in maintaining peace in Ghana, Kenya and elsewhere cannot be understated.

On his part, the Dean of SDS, Mr. Tenkorgan who is a member of the Central Region Peace Council enumerated some successes chalked in the Region in curbing and managing the spots of violence that threaten the peace in the region. He also shed light on some challenges confronting the NPC and the Central Region Peace Council. He urged the delegation to take cues from the setbacks and make the Gambian NPC a better one.

The group left UCC with the promise to make The Gambia NPC a model on the continent worthy of emulation by others. They assured the gathering that the NPC of The Gambia will be at the forefront of conflict resolution, peacemaking and peace building in the West African nation.

Members Present at the Meeting

Other members of the delegation were Mr. Manding Saidylchan, Principal Assistant Secretary-Ministry of Interior, Mr. Lamin Banda, Staff officer-Ministry of Interior, Ms. Salama Njie, National Coordinator-WANEP-The Gambia, Mr. Mamodou Bah, Programme Officer, Early Warning-WANEP, The Gambia, Ms. Isatou Cham, Programme Officer, Peace and Security, ECOWAS Permanent Mission, The Gambia; Ms. Rebecca Adda-Dontoh, Peace and Development Advisor, UN The Gambia and Mrs. Melody Azinim, Peace and Governance Analyst of the UNDP.

Other members of SDS who were present were Professor Francis Enu-Kwesi, Dr. K. S. Aikins,  Dr. Joseph Agyenim Boateng, Dr. K. N. Bukari, Dr. Shaibu Bukari, Ms. Joyce Addo, Ms. Harriet Potakey and Mr. Richard Ametefe.