Groupe Ideal Presents Computers to Department of Economics

Groupe Ideal (GI), a Financial Institution, has presented 30 Desktop and 5 Laptop computers, and 5 printers to the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences at a ceremony held at the K. B. Amissah-Arthur Language Centre. The donation was made in fulfillment of a promise made by the President of the Ideal Groupe, Dr. Nii Kotey Dzani, to the Department about a year ago. The Provost of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies, Prof. Dora Edu-Buandoh, said the College was always open for discussion with the relevant publics. She said it was a privilege to have a team from Ideal Groupe to make such a donation to the Department. The Provost commended the President of the GI for giving back to “the hand that fed him”. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ghartey Ampiah, was grateful to the company for the kind gesture, saying, “Not many people will remember their Universities because of some little things, but Dr. Dzani has seen what the University through his lecturers did for him and is giving back”. “You should also learn to give not when you are gone but even as you are here”. Prof. Ghartey said the Department was doing its possible best to introduce more innovative programmes to feed industry and urged the company to recruit students from the Department. Prof. Ghartey said GI was manifesting itself through the presentation to the Department but urged them to also make its physical presence felt by partnering the University. “Going forward, we will become a partner, the University partner GI by patronising their products”, he stressed. President of GI, Dr. Nii Kotey Dzani, said education is the only means through which the country could develop. “It will not take the setting up of numerous factories to bring us the needed development. But by training the minds of the citizens, we can get somewhere”. Dr. Dzani assured that GI would help in the establishment of a School of Economics that would in turn impact on society. “I hope such a school could predict the economic future of the country and even be consulted by the outside world”, he noted. Later at the forum, Dr. Dzani told the students that they do not have any excuse to perform better now since the department was better placed than his time at the University. The CEO of GI reminded the students that they came to the University alone as individuals and, therefore, they should take their studies seriously rather than getting involved in acts that would jeopardies their future. The member of Council of State advised the students to acquire the tenets of integrity since it would be their trump card in case they ventured into business. “I started business and succeeded because I had integrity which I acquired from my teachers while here. I started from nowhere but today, look at what we are doing" He urged the students to work hard to get good grades and the sky would be their limit. The Economics Students Association also presented a plaque to Dr. Dzani in honour of his contributions to their activities and the Department.