The exchange pupils and headteachers of the University Basic Schools with the Central Regional Minister, Mr. Kwamina Duncan

Mindset Education is Prerequisite for Development in the 21st Century

The Chairman of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) in charge of West Africa, Rev. Hee Jin Park, has indicated that Ghana can become one of the developed nations in the world if there is a change in mindset of its citizens.

Rev. Park noted that Ghana, after gaining independence was far developed than South Korea, however, the latter was now among the most advanced nations in the world whiles the former was still grappling with basic needs for its people. He said South Korea had lower GDP than Ghana in 1957 but now the third largest economy in Asia and the 11th in the world.

Speaking at a seminar at the School of Medical Sciences Auditorium, on the topic “Impact of Mindset Education in South Korea: Lesson for Ghana” , Rev. Park said though South Korea went through difficult moments including 36 years of war, the nation has emerged as one of the successful economic giants in the world. He said the success story of Korea did not happen on a silver platter adding that the people had a mindset that they had to work hard for a better tomorrow for the next generation to benefit. “If there is no change of Mind whatever we have is useless,” he noted.

Development with Proceeds from Exporting Labour

According to Rev. Park, South Korea had to rely on proceeds from exporting labour to other nations for her development. Soldiers from South Korea also fought for other powerful nations like the United States of America in exchange of funds. In spite of the direct consequence of these painful decisions on the people, Rev. Park, said South Korea gradually channeled the proceeds received to useful ventures that had contributed significantly towards elevating the nation from poverty to an economic giant in the world.  

Priority on Education

Rev. Park said the success story of South Korea could be attributed to the priority placed on education. He said there was a deliberate policy to inculcate good character in students so that they would be patriotic citizens.

Without mind education, Rev. Park said it was impossible for development to take place. He said though the economic outlook of Ghana was currently not the best, with positive mindset Ghana could be one of the most developed countries in the world.

Students Need a New Mindset

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. George K. T. Oduro, advised UCC students to set themselves apart by developing a new mindset whiles on campus so that they could become responsible leaders who would help to transform Ghana. “We need a paradigm shift from the old ways we do things and this can be possible if you the future leaders resolve to have a change of mindset,” he noted.

The lecture was chaired by Dr. Eugene Johnson Adjei, of the Department of Science Education.