Outgoing Provost of College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Prof. S. Y. Mensah hands over to incoming Provost, Prof. L. K. Sam-Amoah

The outgoing Provost of the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Prof. S. Y. Mensah has handed over to incoming Provost, Prof. L. K. Sam-Amoah on Tuesday 9th August, 2016, at the Academic Board Chamber, UCC In his opening remarks, Prof. S. Y. Mensah (Outgoing Provost) thanked members for their presence and briefly expressed his gratitude to members for their support during his tenure. He shed light on some of the challenges the College had encountered since its inception two years ago. He reiterated the fact that the collegiate system came into force without financial support from the University. So the College had to rely on AFUF for its operations over the years.

He added that frantic efforts were made to initiate strategies to solicit funding from other sources, hence, the formation of the College Fund Raising Committee. He informed members that the Fund Raising Committee came out with some viable initiatives and strategies he hopes would yield results in the future. In spite of the financial constraints, he was happy to say that the College had been sustained.

He urged members to give the incoming Provost all the necessary support he needs to lift the College up. He advised the incoming Provost, Prof. L. K. Sam-Amoah, to specially take note of matters concerning Appointments and Promotions of academic staff, and the matriculation of students in the College. He added that his approach to the aforementioned should not be confrontational but with tact. He mentioned that the University has provided a brand new generator for use by the College which has to be installed. In concluding, he prayed that the College would grow from strength to strength in order to raise the standard of academic teaching and research.

He thanked members for their support during his reign and wished members well in the execution of their leadership roles for the good of the College and the University. Prof. L. K. Sam-Amoah, the incoming Provost, in his response, emphasized the fact that his new position as the Provost of the College gives him a sense of inadequacy. He explained that his feeling of inadequacy comes as a result of the fact that he is stepping into the shoes of a great leader whose achievements in academics are undoubtedly that of an accomplished one. He, therefore, recognizes the challenge ahead of him. He added that his new role also gives him a sense of optimism because it is a leadership of teamwork.

He admitted that he cannot be successful as a Provost without the able support of his colleague academics and the various administrators within the College. He acknowledged the challenges ahead and urged members to join hands to make the College great. He also thanked the outgoing Provost for his hard work over the years and implored for his unending support and counsel to the College even as he retires from active service from the University. Members present included all Deans, Vice Deans, Heads of Department, Coordinators and Faculty Officers of the College. The ceremony was chaired by the outgoing Provost, Prof. S. Y. Mensah, and supported by Mrs J. Atta-Quartey, outgoing College Registrar.