Postgraduate Students Urged to Read Review Articles in their Field

The Head of Department of Physics, Dr. Benjamin Anderson, has called on Postgraduate students to read more reviewed articles so that they would be equipped to generate new ideas for research.

According to Dr. Anderson, reading reviewed articles would apprise them of the current happenings in their fields of study and also to contribute meaningfully to academic debate.

Dr. Anderson made this known at a seminar organised by the School of Physical Sciences for Postgraduate students of the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences (CANS)

The seminar was on the theme, "Working with Literature in the Sciences".

The Head of Department advised the Post Graduate students to undertake literature survey when working with literature.

Giving reasons to the importance of reviewing literature, Dr. Anderson said," Reviewing literature helps to inform ourselves of what was happening in the field, to acquire a level of topical, methodological knowledge and expertise, to facilitate the researcher's methodological approaches".

"Literature Review helps the researcher to establish credibility, to provide a context of your own method and the relevance or appropriateness of your approach and to argue the relevance and significance of your research question". .

The Provost of the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Prof. L.K Sam-Amoah; the Dean of the School of the School Physical Sciences, Prof. Kofi Essuman; and some lecturers at the School, were present at the seminar.