UCC Assessors Go through Training

The Institutional Affiliation Office in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching Support, has organised a training programme for assessors of the University of Cape Coast. Moderators or assessors are deployed to affiliated institutions to ascertain whether their operations of conform to the standards prescribed by the University or not. Opening the six-day workshop , the Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Jeff Onyame, said there was the need to evaluate the work of UCC assessors at affiliated institutions to see where they fell short and provide remedies to these challenges. However, according to Mr. Onyame, in carrying out that duty, it has become necessary to use  the same assessment procedure for all the institutions. “That is why we are bringing together 185 assessors here so we can all brainstorm to get uniformity in our assessment and moderation duties”, he stressed. Again, Mr. Onyame intimated that a lot of institutions were eager to be mentored by UCC, but there were a lot of issues to be ironed out so that their products do not come out as half baked. “A lot of private institutions are coming up, but looking at the work they do, they need to be looked at critically so that their products do not come out not up to scratch due to lack of quality assurance”, he added. Lead facilitator of the training programme, Prof. Douglas Darko Agyei, said the workshop would update participants on the work they do as assessors. “Our focus is to get the opportunity to discus and update our skills to mentor our affiliated institutions as expected of us”, he stated. Prof. Agyei who is also the Director of the Centre for Teaching Support, reiterated the need to have a common way of doing things in the assessment and mentoring of the affiliated institutions. He therefore urged participants to contribute to the discussion so they could come up with a common platform of doing assessment and moderation of both examination and research work at these institutions.